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A bit of history

The kanzashi are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. Its origins date back to the time when Japanese women abandoned the typical taregami style, where their hair was kept straight and long and adopted the nihongami style cut. During that time the wearing of a single thin rod or stick in the hair was considered to hold powers to ward off evil spirits.

Kanzashi came into wider use during the Edo period, when hairstyles became larger and more complicated, using a larger number of ornaments. Artisans began to produce more finely crafted products, including some hair ornaments that could be used as defensive weapons. During the latter part of the Edo period, the craftsmanship of kanzashi is considered to have reached a high point, with a number of styles and designs created, many of which persist to the modern day.

The term kanzashi refers to a wide variety of accessories, including long, rigid hairpins and slides, hair sticks, combs, fabric flowers and fabric hair ties.

What makes our product special?

What makes Bella Boutique Menorca so special is the meticulous attention that goes into the design of each piece. Inspired by the traditional kanzashi style, our products are hand-assembled, far from the rush of mass production. Style and design as an artistic expression, for combining trends, sensuality and elegance with the aim of offering unique accessories to embellish contemporary women.

Femininity, originality and exclusivity are the ingredients you will find in Bella Boutique Menorca hair accessories.


Hairpin is an excellent choice for styling your hair quickly and easily in a variety of possible bun styles, enhancing your femininity and sensuality. There is nothing more sensual and elegant than a bare nape!

Whether with a high, low, half-up or messy bun, our hairpins give a discreet, nice-looking effect, embellishing your hair and complementing all your outfits. There are endless amounts of styles you can create with these exclusive and unique accessories to ensure you always look gorgeous. Hairpin is a fantastic choice for business meetings.

A well-chosen, stylish hairpin is the perfect accessory to embellish your hair and will become an essential part of your day-to-day look. Also, as you’re not pulling it through a hairband, or using strong clips, you don’t risk damaging or breaking your hair.

If you think that it’s not for you, that it does not work on your hair because it’s very straight, fine or thin, or even too thick.. well, do you know that many women make this mistake? We guarantee that our hairpins are suitable for all types of shoulder length or longer hair. And it’s really very easy to use! Follow our instructions and we assure you that you will not only be amazed how well they hold your hair, but you will also love them!

To learn more about how to use your hairpins and how to make your hairstyles look lovely in a very simple way, have a look at our tutorial videos  click here

Remember, all Bella Boutique Menorca hairpins are handmade and have small peculiarities that make them unique and special. The color and shape may differ slightly from the sample photo. All our items are delivered in a small, reusable gift bag, with instructions for use and care.

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